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To meet the most feared cat across all blockchains: Rrocket and his team!

We’re here to protect you from malicious projects building a strong community for a safer crypto space.


RROCKET from a very young age, has dreamed of a future full of opportunities. He worked hard in a small grocery store in the town to help his family, but his dream was to become a super hero, like the ones he loves, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Avengers.

Over time, RROCKET delved into the world of crypto and discovered many individuals creating fraudulent projects to scam the humble people of Sol Valley, his home town. He decided to take action to stop these scammers, by sharing his knowledge with others.
He became the leader of a prepared and united community in Sol Valley. They shared their knowledge, grew together, and supported each other in search of a better and safer life in the world of all things crypto.

RROCKET’s fight didn’t end there. Now, in the vast world of the Solana blockchain, many new challenges await. RROCKET has embarked on a mission to rid the Solana blockchain of scammers

With the support of his community, RROCKET the super hero Cat fights to create greatness and vast wealth for all those willing to join at his side..

Token Supply:

LP Burned forever !

Contract Renounced

Tax 0%

No taxes, no bullsh*t, easy-peasy.

Token Contract :           8TENx2vDrLamyTBQRNHAz7VQm2F5ahyzFUJs56WuRyqu

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